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Royal City Tree Care is dedicated to servicing and maintaining optimal tree health in the City of Guelph and surrounding area. With also having a commitment to our community,  we strive toward creating an improved environment for not only the trees in the city, but also the people who live among them. The company started with Karen and Jonathan working together with one chainsaw and a pickup truck. Today, 9 years later we have grown our business and our crew. Although we are still a small company we can tackle some big jobs! We are so proud of the guys and girls we have working with us we would like you to get to know everyone. 

Meet our team! Click the photos below to learn a little bit about each of them.
Jonathan Harris
Jonathan Harris

Lead Arborist

I.S.A. Certified ON-2044A

Kyle Parker

Arborist Apprentice Level 1

Dylan Kaminski

Arborist Apprentice

Kare Harris
Karen Harris

Plant Health Care

I.S.A. Certified ON-2584A

Adam Rizzo

Climbing Arborist

Hydro Certified

Andrew Wood

Climbing Arborist

Ontario Qualified Arborist

Laura Sahlool
Laura Sahlool

Office Manager

Grant Robinson

Climbing Arborist

Ontario Qualified Arborist

The Crew at Nitro Circus
Axe Throwing Christmas Party
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