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Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

There are several reasons a tree should require pruning. Proper technique and timing can be vital to keeping your trees healthy and happy. 


  • Structural Pruning - this pruning is generally completed on juvenile trees. We carefully inspect the canopy and remove any branches that will become problematic or cause structural issues. Shaping the tree at a young age will help encourage stronger unions, eliminate over grown branches and reduce the risk of failure.

  • Clearance Pruning - this type of pruning is usually preformed around structures such as your home or your neighbours home, hydro or service wires, or even over your garden or swimming pool. Clearance pruning is a real art form. Our goal is to give you the clearance you require without making it look like the tree has been pruned at all. 

  • Crown Cleaning - when we refer to a "crowning cleaning" we are suggesting an overall clean up of the crown. When trees go without maintenance for several years they tend to get a little out of control. We go into the canopy and remove the major deadwood, branches that are rubbing, branches that are diseased, and open up the interior of the tree to create better airflow. Depending on the species this type of pruning is completed on a regular schedule of approx. 3 - 5 years. When this becomes routine we get a history of your tree monitoring any potential issues and take action right away preventing small issues from becoming big issues.   

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